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Our Values

Community. Communion. Mission.

Our values are derived from our identity (who we are) and our identity is derived from God (who He is). The world tells us that we’re defined by what we do but God tells us that our identity is found in Him and that our values and how we live should come from who we are in Him. So based on our identity in the God-head we value community, communion, and mission. 



Jesus, God the Son, is our Lord and we are His disciples. In light of this identity, we seek to grow as disciples through communion with God. Jesus had regular interaction with God the Father and called His disciples to follow His ways. We grow as disciples by similarly communing with God through the practice of spiritual disciplines like Bible reading, prayer, and confession on individual and corporate levels. We speak the gospel to ourselves and to one another as the means by which we grow up in maturity into the One who is our Head, Jesus (Eph 4:15). Because the gospel is central to this growth, we are committed to the faithful proclamation of gospel truth both when the church is gathered and when the church is scattered.


God is our Father and we are His family. In light of this identity as children of God, we seek to care for each other like family through community. It is our responsibility as God’s family to personally care for the physical and spiritual needs of one another, looking out not only for our own needs but the needs of our brothers and sisters too. We do this by living everyday life together in community as family, but with gospel intentionality. This might look like us eating together, shopping together, or celebrating birthdays together. It may also look like babysitting for one another, cooking meals for those who are sick, or bearing each other’s burdens. This happens best through our DCs.


The Holy Spirit is our Guide and Sender and we are His Disciple-Makers (missionaries sent to make disciples). In light of this identity, we seek to make disciples of those around us through mission. Just as Jesus was sent by God to take on human form and live within the culture so that people would know what God was like, we too are sent by God into our culture to work, eat, and interact with those around us, pointing them to God in Christ with our words and actions. We do this in the power of the Spirit through our DCs which are designed to support one another in this effort, living in community as the ultimate apologetic of the gospel.