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Jul 18 2012


The Centrality of the Gospel

July 18, 2012 | By

“For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.” Colossians 1:13-14

Athletes competing in the Olympics share one common message: they went through rigorous training to compete on a world stage with one goal – winning gold for the nation they represent. And, when they achieve that goal, one winner will not minimize the prize of another just because they competed in a different sport. They will share the status of becoming national icons and be equally recognized in history as Olympic champions. Read More

Feb 03 2012


Can’t Have One Without The Other

February 3, 2012 | By

Sometime last year I had one of those “Aha!” moments. You see my stomach is sensitive to having a lot of dairy products at one time. And therefore in order to avoid the pain and discomfort I tend to avoid it when I can. Embracing a lifestyle then that is somewhat dairy-free (thank God for Lactaid pills!) is something that I’ve just…done. However, I had no idea that such a diet (or lack thereof) would have pretty scary outcomes.

A visit to the Dr.’s I had about a year ago revealed something. That I was extremely low on my Vitamin D. Apparently healthy levels are 32-100, mine was at 6. Yup, a 6! Therefore, as I embraced such a diet, I was warned to constantly look holistically at my health. Such a diet may be considered, however, only if I’m taking precaution before something dangerous happens. Read More

Jan 16 2012


Asking Before Acting

January 16, 2012 | By

We find ourselves today in a climate where people are more interested in acting before asking. Often times we get excited about volunteering, helping and serving without finding out the who, what and whys for such an action.

A small analogy would help. Imagine a 5 year old playing chef on the living room carpet. She is wanting to act like her dad when she sees him in the kitchen and therefore pulls out some liquid ingredients off the shelf and plans to mix away. Her mom tells her not to dirty the carpet and therefore she lays down her favorite blanket before going at it. In the middle of the pouring, spilling, mixing, etc. she realizes that her favorite blanket is now a mess. In rapid hurry to remove the stains, she pleads with her mom for windex. She has seen her mom use it all the time to clean things and therefore is convinced that it would do the trick. Bugging her mom, she never once tells her what the problem is, but rather is way too occupied with what she is convinced to be the solution. However, if she would only speak to her mom about her problem, perhaps her mom would have a better solution (pun intended!) in mind. Read More

May 31 2011


Caffeinated For Life!

May 31, 2011 | By

What gets you up in the morning? For many American adults who lived in the late 80’s and early 90’s it was a cup of fresh brewed Folgers coffee. Last year Folgers celebrated 25 years of their jingle “The Best Part of Waking up is Folgers in Your Cup” which had become one of the most memorable and recognizable pieces of advertising in America, traditionally the largest market for coffee in the world. In honor of the silver celebration the company had encouraged young singers and musicians of the next generation to come up with a memorable contemporary rendition of the cult classic ad. Today in an age where Starbucks has nearly eradicated all competitors in the caffeine sector it is hard to think that people actually enjoyed waking up and brewing coffee from a can at home! Although Folgers has now become an irrelevant product of our past (except for traditional church coffee break times!) their advertising still remains the concept motivation behind consumer product development today. What can we make that gets a person up in the morning? What element of a person’s day can we exalt to the place of priority, purpose, and urgency? I often sit at my local Starbucks doing my work and see hundreds, nearly a thousand people, walk in like clockwork for their regular morning shot of brew. That’s marketing success at its best! Read More

May 31 2011


Perfect Church Syndrome

May 31, 2011 | By

People who avoid commitment to a local body often do because they seem to always find imperfections in some aspect of it. It may be the preacher who seems irrelevant to your culture. It may be the style of music played in worship that may be too slow and traditional. It may be the inadequate facilities for childcare. It could even be a bad experience in your past. These reasons may be very real to you but what we fail to realize is that there is no perfect community out there, just as there is no perfect person out there.

When we choose to only “date” the body of Christ and never commit to it we are benefiting from what we can and disposing of what remains. It is like a man who simply reduces a woman to body parts, we use the church for our gain like a parasite that never adds value or worth to its host. Read More

Apr 22 2011


From Death To Life

April 22, 2011 | By

Why are a bouquet of roses so much more desiring on a Valentine’s day morning than a rose bush? Is it because of the picture and the beauty of the arrangement at the moment compared to a random rose bush with only occasional flowers? Perhaps. But what about the long-term investment? Even if at first glance the dozen roses look so much more stunning than the rose bush, if the ultimate desire is for roses long term, the bush does seem to amount better, doesn’t it? One can try their best to continue to prolong the decay of a bouquet of roses as much as they want – and there are treatments for this. However, death is still death, what’s being delayed to come, will still inevitably come. Read More

Apr 16 2011


Death Of A Story

April 16, 2011 | By

“We can start the meeting, I see him coming.” A group of the elders of the town gathered together to make the one decision of the year that would shape the course of the next several months if not years for their community. However, they couldn’t start because the decision maker was not there just yet. A high value was placed on the position of a Pharisee in their culture. So much were Pharisees knowledgeable in the commands of the Law that they were sought over a king or a high priest for decision-making. And along with such a high status in the culture came respect and honor. Read More

Apr 07 2011


Death Of A Sinner

April 7, 2011 | By

“It will only be when my story is fully dead that the spirit of the new story will fully live in me” says Pastor Saji George. What prompts him to speak of the death of one story and the life of another? The reality of the Christ’s message to an individual.

The message that Christ brought to the world is that alongside the story that they see – one of decay and corruption found in all of creation resulting from the sin of one man – there is another story, another reality. This God-initiated story reveals God giving His Son as a payment for all offenses mankind has made against Him and receiving all sinners who accept this payment – His Son, Who is now and forevermore to be found in Human form. Why? To re-own His creation for a better destiny – one where His creation find their fulfillment in Him, or better, the way things were supposed to be. Read More

Mar 30 2011


Wisdom In Trials

March 30, 2011 | By

Trials are a prime opportunity that the enemy seizes upon to throw temptations at us. They are ever so subtle, but so destructive. Satan knows which spiritual buttons to push to make us compromise. We are aware of the danger of falling prey to Satan’s deceptions, because that’s what brought us to the fallen state that we are in. The first man and woman listened to the serpent and gave up a pure relationship with God for a temporary pleasure that they saw.

Furthermore, If our own Lord was not left alone in the wilderness from this great tempter, then how much more must we be on guard? But, this is not to cause any fear or paranoia of temptations. Just as Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, resisted the evil one in the wilderness, we too can find great strength in Him to do the same. Read More

Mar 22 2011


Joy In Trials

March 22, 2011 | By

No one is promised a trial-free life. Just as it was required for Christ to suffer, trials are not optional for those who follow Christ. James writes that there will be different kinds of trials. Someone puts it like this about trials: they are ‘like different temperature settings in God’s furnace’. So, how do we respond to them? We face every trial with joy. Experiencing joy in suffering is not something that is humanly possible. Joy is not some temporal feeling of happiness. It has an eternal element, because it is the fruit of the Spirit.

Trials essentially “test our faith”, producing perseverance—also the fruit of the Spirit. Perseverance is a quality that makes it possible to persist through the next trial, quite possibly a tougher one. But, why endure trials? Imagine with each trial God drawing us one step closer to perfection. And, what does that perfection look like? Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Read More