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Doctrinal and Theological Papers Archives - The Crossroad

What A Gospel-Centered Church Is and Isn’t

July 22, 2015 | By

What does it mean to be a gospel-centered church? This was a question posed on an online forum which brought about some interesting and even controversial responses. I’d like to use this to echo and build upon some particularly helpful responses that were given. Before discussing the topic of a gospel-centered church though, it would be helpful to define what we mean by gospel and gospel-centered. These days using the term “gospel-centered” has almost become trendy. There are books on everything from gospel-centered parenting to gospel-centered funerals. We are told that the gospel must be central to all we are and all we do. This, in and of itself, I believe is a good thing, because God really does intend for the gospel to be central to the lives of His people and certainly at the center of His church. Confusion may arise however when one author uses the term differently than another.

So here is what we mean by “the gospel” and “gospel-centered” at Crossroad. Read More

The One-Anothers of the Bible

February 2, 2015 | By

Because of our identity as family, we as a church value community. This stands in stark contrast to the western world’s value on individualism. If we’re not careful, this value of individualism can seep into the church with sentiments like “my faith is personal – it’s just between me and God.” But even a cursory look at Scripture reveals that we are not meant to live in isolation but in community with one another. How else can we be obedient to the many, many commands of Scripture related to how we ought to treat one another? As we seek to live as family together, in a loving community that is wonderfully different from the world, let’s keep in mind this list of the many “one-anothers” of the Bible. Read More