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Jan 18 2016


Help Us Reflect On God’s Faithfulness

January 18, 2016 | By

The Crossroad is transitioning into becoming part of Urban Hills. If you haven’t done so already, you can read about the transition here.

As part of this transition, we want both to look back celebrating God’s faithfulness to us as a church and to look forward celebrating what He is continuing to do in joining like-minded churches for the sake of the gospel. This post is meant to help us look back.

Has the ministry of The Crossroad had any impact on you? Do you have any favorite memories? Share them with us in the comments section below.

  • Bill Conover

    Several years ago, while fellowshipping at a large Baptist church, I “happened” to visit a gathering of largely Indian believers. It was amazing to me to receive the warmth and sincerity of this group. I couldn’t help thinking how this gathering modelled what the first century church must have been like. There was an unmistakable love for Jesus and a genuine interest in fellowship outside the services. My previous fellowship, while having these qualities, did not possess them to the degree this new gathering did. It took very little time to realize I needed these people.
    Of course, I am referring to Crossroad. I want to thank Pastors Bob, Shawn, Jerel and the brothers and sisters for the season of growth I have experienced in this fellowship. Thank you for showing me what it means when we sing “all I have is Christ.” While I look forward to an enlarging fellowship at Urban Hills, I will always be grateful to God for this time at Crossroad.

  • Gabe deG.

    Although I was already a part of a church during my time in seminary, my family and I attended the preview services for Crossroad before the church was gathering weekly. We were there to support and encourage friends from school who were embarking on a new journey. We were met with such wonderful hospitality each time we visited. In addition to that I was deeply encouraged by the vision of the leaders to begin a new gospel movement when they saw a need, and their growing burden for people in the community. The commitment to God, each other, and the community at large has encouraged me in my faith, and I am grateful for those ongoing friendships from the Crossroad community.

  • Chantel Kastrounis

    It has been a PLEASURE having Crossroad partner with our elementary school, Richard J. Lee Elementary. After reaching out to us last fall, we have been blessed with the time and efforts of MANY Crossroad members. Our parents can attend important campus Parent Teacher Organization meetings while you provide childcare (AND SNACKS), our carnival and dance were a success with your volunteers and donations, learners were mentored and supported both emotionally and financially, and MORE! It is a JOY to meet members from your community and engage with them through our school business. I’m hopeful with the merge of these two churches that our relationship can blossom even more. Wishing you all the best! ~Principal Kastrounis