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Discipleship Communities

The Church Scattered

What Is A Discipleship Community?

Discipleship Communities are the primary way our people grow into maturity in Christ and live as His ambassadors to our city. The gospel is best declared and demonstrated when we disciple, love, and care for each other in community as DCs. These groups are committed to growing together as disciples of Jesus who in turn make disciples of Jesus together.

Discipleship Communities are not an add-on to the church, an extra program to be involved in on the side. They are at the center of everything we do, the heartbeat of The Crossroad. While our weekend gatherings are extemely important, the majority of ministry at The Crossroad happens between these gatherings through our Disciplehsip Communities. Whether you’re part of The Crossroad family or checking us out for the first time, the best way to experience life in our church is to jump into a Discipleship Community near you.

What A Discipleship Community Is Not

We agree with what these brothers say about missional (discipleship) communities. They are not primarily a Bible study, weekly meeting, small group, or support group. Elements of these things might be present in a DC but only as it contributes to the goal of being and making disciples.

Living ordinary life with gospel intentionality.

Just as church isn’t an event we attend but is God’s people, Discipleship Communities are not events we attend but are God’s people living ordinary life together with gospel intentionality. While each group has a regular time that they gather, we are in each others’ lives often.

What does it look like to be in each others’ lives? Well, we eat together, shop together, watch movies together, and celebrate birthdays together. We babysit for one another, cook meals for those who are sick, offer and request help in times of need, and bear each others’ burdens. All this is done with gospel intentionality, for the purpose of being and building disciples of Jesus. Essentially, we live like family because Jesus has made us family.


Contact a DC to get connected or learn more

If you need additional help getting connected to a DC, please contact Jerel Kuravackal.