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Life Transformation Groups

What is an LTG?

Life Transformation Groups are small, simple, reproducible groups of 2-3 men or women who meet regularly to encourage and facilitate each other’s growth as disciples of Jesus. LTGs are where we go deep, raising the bar of personally following Jesus. It’s what allows us to care deeply for one another and bring accountability to each other’s lives. We hold each other accountable in the areas of obedience to God’s Word, personal holiness, and life on mission.

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What does an LTG do?

LTGs are simple. There’s just three parts to remember.

Hear & Obey

We share what we’ve learned from Scripture in the past week and how we plan to obey it. We suggest using the One Year Bible as the reading plan to follow. In large groups, studying the Bible can often feel like you’ve obeyed it, but knowledge doesn’t equal obedience. The goal here is accountability to obey all that Christ has commanded, not just to know all the he has commanded. This is, after all, at the core of discipleship (Matthew 28:19-20).

Repent & Believe

We repent of our sin, sharing how we’ve sinned against God this past week. Then we speak out loud about the good news of Jesus’ work for us to help us believe. Scripture teaches that all sin is a result of unbelief in Jesus (John 16:8-9; Romans 14:23). So not only do we confess our sins to each other but we speak the gospel to each other because this is how we turn from our sin (unbelief) and turn toward faith in the Son of God (belief).

Consider & Pray

We talk about how we’ve been praying for our unbelieving friends and mention them by name. We explain our plan to weave them into our community and then pray for them by name. This is where we get serious about the call of making disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). It’s a difficult task, but the Lord is with us, and we need this accountability to stay faithful to the call. If/when these friends come to faith, the LTG is also the basic tool for discipling new believers.

How do I get started?

Choose some people

LTGs are relationally driven, so choose people you want to go deep with. Start with people in your Discipleship Community and then make a commitment to one another. A group of uncommitted people simply won’t promote discipleship and life transformation. You may also want to choose people who either live or work close to you to make it easier to meet regularly.

Choose a meeting time

One of the first things you should do is sync your calendars for a regular meeting time. If you don’t schedule a regular meeting time, you won’t meet regularly. Plan to meet for at least an hour every week or every other week. Any less than that just won’t be enough to promote a healthy discipling environment.

Start meeting

As you begin meeting, it might be helpful to just hang out and get to know each other better for the first time or two. Then begin practicing the three primary areas mentioned above: Hear & Obey, Repent & Believe, Consider & Pray. Use this guide to help you. It includes some accountability questions to guide your confession of sin.