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Jan 08 2016


We Are On The Move

January 8, 2016 | By

The Crossroad has officially become a part of Urban Hills. This decision has come about through much prayer and consideration not only on the part of our leaders, but also our whole body.

In December we had a family meeting acknowledging the difficulty of sustaining the operations of a church given our small size. However, we also acknowledged that God is doing some amazing things in and through us. Internally, we are seeing lives transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ in the context of real Christian community. Externally, the gospel is being spread through us in word and deed as we bless the people of Lee Elementary and other individuals within our spheres of influence. It became clear that we would function best as a community group of another church, and by the suggestion of Crossroad elders, it was decided that that church should be Urban Hills.

Our desire is not to be a segregated group in isolation from the rest of Urban Hills, but one that is fully integrated into the church and in full submission to its leaders. As we make this transition we recognize that we may lose some people and we may also gain others along the way, but maintaining our community group (or discipleship community as we’ve been calling it) will allow for the missional efforts that have been started in us to continue.

Why Urban Hills?

Planted at the same time The Crossroad was, Urban Hills has in many ways been a sister church to us. We’ve always had a good relationship with each other but over the last several months the relationship has grown with leaders getting together often, praying for each other’s churches and discussing the possibility of working together on some level. We quickly realized how like-minded our churches are, to the point that our expressed core values are identical: Gospel, Community, and Mission. We believe our coming together will be a true display of God’s heart for unity, which happens to be something our world desperately needs to see from the church.

Same Objective, Different Strategy

For several years now we’ve expressed that our only purpose and objective as a church is to make and mature disciples of Jesus. This transition for us means that our purpose and objective remains exactly the same, but our strategy for how to accomplish this will change (by becoming part of Urban Hills). This change in strategy is not only an act of obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit but we believe it will make us more effective in accomplishing this disciple-making objective.

We hope that you will join us in celebrating God’s faithfulness to us – both for what He has done through The Crossroad Church and for what He is continuing to do, through this transition and beyond.